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Is your dream physique just a pose away.

Posing. It’s an essential skill for bodybuilding competition, a necessary tool in any professional’s tool kit. It’s a virtual art form in terms of the precision and concentration to pull off a pose that will demonstrate the competitors assets. Without a well performed pose it’s safe to say you won’t make it on the pro circuit. But what about those who either can’t or don’t wish to compete? Is there a way the posing can somehow benefit the average Joe?

There are many benefits to posing practice besides the obvious. For one, your definition should be improved. The cardio of contracting and releasing muscles while posing proves to be a work out all its own. By flexing and relaxing the muscles there are multiple benefits. First and foremost by posing continuously you work on the obvious, and that’s improving the pose itself. You look in the mirror, pose over and over in hopes of mastering a perfect look. Even if you’re not a pro, the benefits of this practice could pay dividends. Posing in general engages the body from head to toe. A back double bicep requires the poser to flex the hamstrings, calves, back, bicep, and triceps. Once performed and fully flexed the user must hold the pose in order for each muscle to be examined. Even just posing in a mirror will ensure that both amateurs and pros alike understand their problem areas, not only that but also the physical exertion in holding the pose engages the desired muscle areas. It becomes a isometric and cardio exercise. Over time this practice can promote muscle definition.


Posing can help engage targeted muscle groups. Think about the most muscular or “crab” pose. In order to pull off this pose you have to target a number of muscle groups while flexing. The abs, chest, biceps, shoulders, and quads are all flexed in this pose and held for a considerable amount of time. Imagine a doing dumbbell or barbell curls, lifting the weight and holding it in place for thirty seconds. Once you release your biceps are sure to be burning. Holding the perfect pose is essentially the same concept. It promotes “muscle memory” so to speak. The more your body engages in these poses the more your body will adapt and form to your desired look.

The most important concept to take away from the notion of improvement from posing is perhaps the most obvious. Self assessment is important in any skill you wish to develop and developing muscle is no different. Posing in front of a mirror allows you to be honest with what needs to be improved upon and what you should perhaps put on the back burner. We can be our own worst judge, but lying to yourself won’t offer any benefits either. Take a look in the mirror, pose, and give yourself some honest feedback.

Maik Wiedenbach speaks on the subject in great detail in this article. He explains the benefits of holding poses during the off days. By holding all these poses for fifteen seconds Maik states that you’ll receive some outstanding results in no time. Check it out and don’t forget to read his top 5 suggested poses!

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