Powerlifter John Haack Pulls a Massive 837lb Deadlift

John Haack shows some tremendous strength in the deadlift.

Lifting heavy weight is a powerlifters job. Rather than look the part of a superhuman like bodybuilders, powerlifters are all about the numbers game. If you’re not setting or breaking records then you’re not worth your stuff as a powerlifter.

That’s not to say all powerlifters should be breaking world records. Finding ways to break your own records is a great enough goal for a powerlifter to accomplish. But then there are those that are just born to lift. John Haack is one of those people.

Setting world records left and right, John Haack is smashing through the competition. The 27 year old powerlifter has established himself as a force in powerlifting. Lately the numbers he’s been putting up in the gym have been truly impressive. Here he smashes through benching and squatting.

Some days you’re the hammer and some days you’re the nail. Feeling like a 12lb sledge hammer today. Top singles on squat at 325kgs/717lbs and bench at 250kgs/551lbs. Drop down set of 4 at 215kgs/474lbs.


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Recently Haack showed some truly impressive strength with a massive 837lb/380kg deadlift. He’s clearly taking his strength to another level.

Top single at 380kgs/837lbs, then decided to give pauses deadlifts a try with triples at 295kgs/650lbs. Maybe I’ll get good at this deadlifting thing. Reps 2 and 3 were a lot shakier since I’m used to getting my air at the top.


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A post shared by John Haack (@bilbo_swaggins181)

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