Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding Diet: Larry Wheels Before And After Photo Is Eye Opening

Larry Wheels has made some impressive gains.

Last week Larry Wheels made it known to the masses that he would competing in a bodybuilding competition several weeks from now. The powerlifter has always had an impressive physique and it has led to speculation that he would someday decide to compete in bodybuilding. With his confirmation of his first bodybuilding competition, it seems as if Larry Wheels is gunning for Stan Efferding’s record of the world’s strongest pro bodybuilder.

While his mission may be inspiring, Larry Wheels has a long way to go before realizing his dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder. But from recent progress pics it’s pretty evident that the young powerlifter is well on his way to cultivating an extremely impressive physique.

While his diet may have been more liberal while he focused mainly on powerlifting, in order for him to get into bodybuilding condition it was necessary for Larry Wheels to make a major change to his nutrition plan. What changes were made exactly? Well, the powerlifter posted what he’s changed in his diet as well as a before and after photo highlighting the changes to his physique.

What do you think of Larry Wheels’ transformation?

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  1. Lmao I love reading the comments downing the mans hard work and great genetics to make themselves feel better. Is he on shit? Who knows. Does he have an insane physique? Absolutely. Not everyone is built to lift how much he does. Strong and young. Hard work goes a long way guys. Stop the bullshit of more tren will get you there. Get your tiny asses on the gym and try to be a portion of this guy. Guarantee you will bitch out and quit when you don’t see the gains you want because you’ve been working out 2 weeks and it’s just supposed to magically happen.

    • That’s the problem with our society, rather than compliment the man on the hard work and dedication. They would rather make excuses so they feel better about themselves. I don’t care if the man is on gear or not. It still takes dedication, diet and determination to crush your goals.

    • Is he on gear? No Peter, he’s 262 and natty. That aside, he’s got great work ethic, he’s young and really dedicated. The drugs thing just shits me. They’re all on gear, so why bring it up. No one gives a fuck that he is, but people still comment and ask, like it’s possibly a mystery. The only mystery is why people still ask or suggest otherwise.

      • he does loo like that bc he’s taking “x.” i worked out at the same gym as larry for a couple years roughly 5 years ago, and let me tell you, he has put on about 90lbs in less than 5 years. no one, and i mean no one does that without some serious heavy juicing, genetics or not. he was an average looking gym rat when i first met him. super nice guy, but his strength and physique are slightly above average without the pharma help. not hating on the guy, just facts.

    • If you’re going to compete in bodybuilding especially the NPC to IFBB PRO level you’re doing gear no butts about it. Do I care if he’s on gear absolutely not but again like some mention his work ethic, hard work and dedication are what counts. People think bc someone went on gear they’re going to get big, ummm no. If you go on gear you have to train just as hard or harder and you have to EAT. I hate when people talk about the stuff and they don’t know jack shit. Most successful Bodybuilders in the NPC rely on hard work, diet and some gear (the correct way of doing it).

    • I agree with you. Sure he’s on gear. But all his haters can take the same gear and not be nearly as strong. My only gripe with him lately is he won’t stop posting about that damn cookie cutter hypertrophy program he’s selling.

  2. So he cut his diet by like a thousand calories …and kept his fats low ..is his protein higher and carbs …this micronutrient thing confuses me …have no problem eating clean …just like not the amount to eat I guess order …

  3. Genetics play a huge role. Even with steroids it is really hard to bench 610 pounds. He is also very open about what he has taken and what he takes now. He is a monster, and at the age of 23 won’t be stopping anytime soon. You guys are hating on him, but before he even got into bodybuilding he was a drunk and a drug abuser. One of my top lifting role models. Keep them coming Larry

  4. I like this dude. He’s jacked and strong as a bull. But damn he won’t stop posting about his new “hypertrophy program”..we get it bro, you’re selling a program that isn’t reinventing the wheel

  5. Only a simpleton thinks Larry is natural. I would like to see what his natural strength is. His best squat, for example, in competition is not that impressive for a guy in juice.


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