Award-Winning Bodybuilding Short Film ‘PREP’ Released On Short Of The Week

PREP bodybuilding short film

A stylish look into the hellish nightmare that can be bodybuilding contest prep

Every competitive bodybuilder knows the trials and tribulations that come with the final weeks of contest prep. It’s known as “hell week” for a reason – and is arguably the most painful part of competing as a bodybuilder. PREP, a new bodybuilding short film, aims to put that feeling into new form with its release featured on the Short Of The Week platform.

Directed by Raymond Knudsen, PREP is a 14 minute short film featuring a bodybuilder and his vicious relationship with food and his body. Knudsen self describes the film as a “bodybuilding fever dream” that was fueled by childhood trauma, food porn, and acid techno music. Needless to say, this film is more of an experimental expression of bodybuilding and contest prep than it is a narrative story.

You can watch the official trailer for the film below:

Knudsen’s goal was to create something unique that sheds light on the challenging process of contest prep with topics like eating disorders, body dysmorphia and mental health.

“There’s very few narrative films about the sport of bodybuilding and those who’ve made those films haven’t stepped in the shoes of a competitor,” said Knudsen. He continued:

“I wanted to share a perspective that was honest and represented the multitude of emotions and thoughts that one goes through when pushing to the extreme… We all have a relationship to food. I don’t think I’ve seen a film that explores that from a man’s perspective. I hope the film gives something for people to think about.”

The film stars IFBB Pro Chibueze Anyasor. His debut film, STAGE READY, was also directed by Knudsen and explores similar themes.

PREP screened at film festivals across the country including the Indie Memphis Film Festival where it won audience choice for Best Departures Short and the Tallahassee Film Festival where it earned the Florida Filmaker Award.

PREP follows a growing trend in both bodybuilding and media exploring the relationship athletes have with their body. Often known as “Bigorexia” – there is increased light shed on individuals who never feel big enough no matter how much weight or muscle they gain. This in combination with the desire to shed fat and show conditioned muscle can create a yoyo habit of both overeating and anorexic behavior.

PREP bodybuilding fever dream short film

In the documentary space, Generation Iron explored this in the feature film Bigorexia featuring the likes of Craig Golias, Zac Aynsley, Chris Bell, and Jay Cutler.

A more expressive take, PREP can be a great companion piece to Bigorexia, providing a stylish and experimental expression of the psychology and emotion that goes into bodybuilding, contest prep, and how it can affect men’s relationship to their bodies.

You can watch the film for free on the official Short of the Week website right here. You can also follow @bigbluepictures on YouTube for more info.

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