Generation Iron Pro Bodybuilders React to Arnold

Are the modern pros on the same page as Arnold?

Bodybuilding is all about shaping the muscles in the body into a form that is either aesthetically pleasing to the bodybuilder themselves or to admirers. Knowing just exactly where to stop is an art in and of itself. The mission for a bodybuilder is not only building massive muscle, but knowing exactly how far they should take it.

In recent years the focus has shifted from building an extremely aesthetic physique to building more and more muscle. If you’re a lover of the Golden Era of bodybuilding in the 1970’s then you admire the frames that men like Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, and Arnold Schwarzenegger built. Their forms focused a great deal on symmetry and building a truly aesthetic form. It wasn’t solely about being big or even extremely shredded. They focused more on building a body that was well proportioned and strong. Of course they wanted to be shredded, of course they wanted the muscle, but they had an understanding that they wanted to look physically impressive and superior to the average man while still maintaining a form that could be considered closer to “normal.”


Everyone has their opinion on what the perfect body is and each individual will have to decide on what that means to them. But one person whose been voicing his opinions on how a bodybuilder should truly look is the great Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. The Austrian Oak has gone on record stating that the bodybuilders of today have built physiques that are far too muscular and are less aesthetic. It’s the opinion of a man from a different era and that opinion is sparking some interesting responses from the bodybuilders of today. Take a look at the video by RX Muscle as pro bodybuilders weigh in on Arnold’s comments.

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