You can’t change your genetics. But you can adapt your diet and training to get the best results for your genetics.

PROFESSOR SMALLS – brings the vast knowledge of pro bodybuilder and trainer Fred “Biggie” Smalls straight into your home. Covering everything from training, diet, and genetics on a pro level – this is the most comprehensive breakdown of all things bodybuilding to help you build the best physique of your life. Professor Smalls airs every Wednesday.

Genetics have always been a major talking point behind bodybuilding – especially at a pro level. At a certain point, your genetics will dictate whether or not you can match the highest tier of competitor. The unfortunate situation is that you cannot change your genetics – but what you CAN do is adjust your training and diet to best maximize the results caused by your genetics. In this premiere episode, Fred “Biggie” Smalls breaks down every way genetics can affect your body and how you can adjust your training to have the best physique possible. Watch it above!