Profile: How Lazar Angelov Became Became A Fitness Icon

Lazar Angelov is taking over the fitness industry.

In this day and age of the internet it seems that there’s no shortage of inspirational figures out there, all of them with the intentions of changing the world through some means. You have writers looking to help others bring their own skills to the next level in order to turn them into modern day scribes and storytellers. There are individuals looking to inspire entrepreneurs to become their own bosses and create their own happiness by marketing themselves and their abilities. Then you have have the fitness industry. Doesn’t there seem to be so many different fitness personalities out there to the point that it seems absurd? Despite that fact, there are still some individuals out there that offer great advice without you feeling like you’re watching an infomercial. Lazar Angelov is one of those individuals.

With tons of experience as a personal trainer as well as a well defined physique, Lazar Angelov has become a well known commodity in the fitness industry. In this day and age people don’t want to subscribe to a fitness trainer that doesn’t look the part themselves. People want their personal trainers to not only be in great condition, but offer a program that is unique to them. It’s what has made Lazar Angelov such a much sought after personal trainer. But Angelov wasn’t always a bodybuilder and trainer. In fact, his beginnings were far from the realm of bodybuilding.


Height: 6”0 (180 cm)

Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)

Date of birth: September 22nd, 1984

Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria

Growing up in Bulgaria, Lazar Angelov had a very different passion and drive. His athletic career began in the realm of basketball. He was so dedicated to basketball in fact that he eventually became a professional for ten years. His drive and passion for the sport saw him flourish in his career as a pro basketball player, but during his time as a professional athlete, Angelov would discover a new passion. This discovery would prove itself to be life changing.


For many who discover bodybuilding it’s a chance to push themselves to the next level. For others it’s a chance to replicate what they have seen come beforehand. Many people have grown up on the images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Frank Zane, Dorian Yates, and many, many others. These inspirational figures pushed them to explore bodybuilding in order to perfect their own physiques. But for Lazar Angelov, the discovery of bodybuilding had a far more profound effect on his outlook. Not only did it plant the seed to push him to cultivate an awesome physical form, but he also saw what the endeavor could do for others. So dedicated to his new passion, Angelov would go on to get certified as a personal trainer in the hopes of transforming others.

But that doesn’t mean that Lazar Angelov didn’t have his own personal ambitions in mind. Coming from a competitive background, transitioning over to bodybuilding competitions was the logical next step in his journey towards greatness. While on his bodybuilding journey, Angelov has also made it his mission to build his body through natural means, avoiding steroids at all costs and advising others to do the same. But while bodybuilding competitions were one outlet to satisfy his competitive nature, Lazar Angelov has looked at his journey into bodybuilding in a very different manner.

Rather than focusing on competing against other athletes on stage, he’s gone on record stating that his competition is himself. He challenges himself every time he enters the gym in order to improve on what he’s already built as well as build a strong and unrelenting will. This kind of mindset is what has helped him to push his physique to new heights and it’s the kind of mindset he instills on his personal training clients. By telling his clients that they themselves are their greatest competition it has pushed them to improve upon themselves both physically and mentally.

Lazar Angelov has been able to change the lives of thousands through his inspirational words of wisdom. Coupled with his exposure on YouTube and loyal fan base, it’s easy to see how the Bulgarian powerhouse has become such an influential figure in the fitness industry.

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