Pros And Cons of Vegan Bodybuilding.

PROS VS CONS – is a breakdown of controversial topics within the bodybuilding and fitness world. Host Jeff Logan throws down the positives and negatives to on some of the most conflicting and “grey area” subjects in the industry. Airs every Wednesday.

Many people believe that you cannot get massive as a bodybuilder unless you eat meat. But is this really true? There are surely vegetarian and vegan bodybuilders out there in the world. And as diet and nutrition sciences continue to evolve – how we see human dieting continues to change. But still… can a vegan bodybuilder get as massive a champion like Kai Greene or Phil Heath? Can they become true mass monsters? Jeff Logan breaks down the pros and cons of vegan bodybuilding in our latest episode above. Check it out!

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  1. It’s not impossible but it’s clearly not optimal. Your protein sources as a vegan or vegetarian are next to nothing and there is no dispute that animal protein is superior to plant protein in the fact that the amino acid profile content is 10x richer, which is better for both building muscle and being lean. However, I’ve never heard of anyone becoming vegan or vegetarian for health or performance benefits…it’s an ethical standpoint. Veganism for performance doesn’t exist.

    • It’s far healthier given the modern supplements industry to be vegan. I don’t believe it’s right for athletes and especially strength athletes. But by and large it’s healthier given how most meat is prepared outside the home. By that I mean the garbage the passes for food at fast food places and restaurants that use things like Gordon Food services stuff.


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