4 Powerful Protein Powder Alternatives

Protein powder isn’t the only great source of the muscle building mineral.

Protein powders are pretty damn useful as part of your diet plan. It works great to build and maintain muscle mass and is perhaps one of the most important supplements to have in your rotation. Really, there’s not too much wrong with having a few shakes courtesy of some whey protein powder. But there are still people out there that prefer a more natural approach to their protein consumption. But which foods can be eaten to replace the effect of popular protein powders like whey? We have a list of some great foods that can replace your pre and post workout protein shakes.


The original protein drink, the old surefire beverage for massive gains, milk is still pretty damn useful as a pre and post workout drink. Much like cheese, milk is a dairy product with some great nutritional value. Now, we’re not talking about your run of the mill pasteurized milk you can find in any supermarket. Raw milk contains the essential vitamins, minerals, and balance of carbs, protein, and fat to make it a great drink choice.

Hard-boiled Eggs

A great protein source that should be in everyone’s diet plan, eggs is a staple food for any bodybuilder. The egg whites can be eaten post workout and has the same effect as BCAA’s. To get the full benefit of egg proteins be sure to eat the yolk as well. Contrary to popular belief, the yolk contains great nutritional values and has essential healthy cholesterol and fatty acids.


The value of cheese can’t be beat. It has all the nutritional value you need for building muscle and strong bones. More than that, you can find cheese almost anywhere from the super market to the local mini mart. The calcium builds strong bones, the protein will pack on muscle and the saturated fat can balance hormones. Let’s see protein powder do that.

Greek Yogurt

Known as a calcium building, stomach friendly dairy product, Greek yogurt is also a great protein source. With just 3/4 of a cup providing about 17 grams of protein it’s no secret why Greek yogurt is treated with such high regard.


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Jonathan Salmon
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