Quebec Bodybuilding Association Has Decided To Ban Gyno, Distended Guts, And Synthol

Quebec bodybuilding is taking a firm stance.

In an age of extreme drug use in bodybuilding it’s becoming apparent that steps need to be taken in order to change things for the better. While many have accepted the fact that anabolic substances are used in bodybuilding, there is a large contingent of individuals who are vehemently against the usage of oils such as synthol.

In an interesting move, it appears that the APQ, a Quebec based bodybuilding association, is looking to ban substances like synthol. But they have also gone one step further. Following suit with the decisions made in Kuwait, the APQ is changing their judging guidelines. Bodybuilders with distended guts, noticeable synthol usage, and gynecomastia (gyno) will be prohibited from competing. The details of this ruling recently surfaced on Instagram.

This is a strong move against those who abuse anabolic steroids which can lead to developing gyno. It also sends a message to competitors who choose to enhance their bodies through using unnatural agents like synthol oils. It also pushes for a return to the old ways of bodybuilding by keeping a tapered waist in order to maintain a more streamlined physique.

What do you make of this decision by the APQ? Should it be adopted by the IFBB?

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    • You take a guy, whos been working he’s ass off, gym+kitchen, juicing giving all hes got, body mind and wallet, and at the end due to genetics or lack of discipline hes right shoulder is a bit bigger than the left, and hes left tricep is a bit bigger than the right.. slow solution: wait out a few months try and work on symmetry, or just give up competing understanding that you are not suitable geneticly.. or easy solution: site inject, just a little to add volume and have
      Not all synthol users are synthol freaks..

  1. Marcus Haley got a bad rap because of his stomach roll. He was purposely pushing out and then did a semi-vacuum on an answer and thigh shot. Someone just happened to take the pic at the right time…otherwise, I agree 100% with the new movement. Hopefully the US will take note!

  2. Also as I noticed watching some of the bb’ers of today lift on GI videos, most and almost none of them do strict reps, they are always out of form.. I have always used strict form.. I guess using non strict form works… who would of thunk it..

  3. About time, also I hope judges don’t favor those who are popular on social media because of their big following. They should know how to judge to give everyone a chance for their hard work

  4. The APQ in effect is adopting the new rules laid out by the IFBB Federation, adopted by the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) and applies to all Provincial charter organizations of which the Quebec Federation is a part of “As per IFBB Directive”.
    The stand is National and not just about Quebec.

  5. True bodybuilding is supposed to be beautiful muscular body’s…not big guts, gyno and definitely no oil. That’s why golden age bodybuilders have the best looking physiques. When I wanted to be a bodybuilder, those were the physiques I admired and tried to build my body to look like… I hope IFBB follows this. I think it would be a positive move in the right direction!

  6. When are they going to make PEDs illegal in professional bodybuilding? Bodybuilders consider it a sport right? What other professional sport allows it? These guys are dropping like flies and nothing is getting done about it

  7. Modern bodybuilding has turned to a chemical experiment. Synthol and excessive amounts of growth hormone lead to extremely NOT aesthetic results. Hardcore bodybuilding like Mr. Olympia might not be based on aesthetics but still, the bodies there have some basic proportions. Synthol and other oils fucking lead to mutations. And then gyno? Someone with gynecomastia could actually compete? That’s disappointing. Hope the bodybuilding community gets used to these


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