Kai Quote

If you die tonight, die in the gym

Today’s quote of the week comes from The Predator of the stage – Kai Greene. Outsiders might ask, “How do you find the time/motivation/energy to be in the gym so often? To stick to such a regimented schedule of hard work?” The answer is really easy – because bodybuilders were born for this. This is their life, their passion, their whole being. That’s why we chose this quote from Kai – a man who is often of many words, but was able to sum up the entire bodybuilding work ethic in an unusually short sentence.

Bodybuilders live and die in the gym. If the gym was the last thing they saw – they’d be happy. So take this quote and keep it with you every day you go into the gym. Live by these words. And push out the best pump of your life.

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