generation ironOrton is back in action and looking to rise to the top.

It’s safe to say that Randy Orton is one of the more intimidating wrestling talents in the WWE today. Orton comes from a long line of wrestling talents. From his father Cowboy Bobby Orton, to his uncle Barry O, to his late grandfather Bobby Orton Sr. it was pretty clear from the start that professional wrestling was in Randy’s future. Despite being warned by his father that the wrestler’s life style, a life on the road, would be rough on him and his family, Randy nevertheless stuck to his guns and began his journey to becoming a grizzled wrestler.

After training in amateur wrestling as well as a stint in the marines, Randy would eventually go on to make a name for himself on the wrestling circuit. Within two years of becoming a pro, Randy would soon be recognized by the WWE where made his debut in March of 2002. Since joining the popular wrestling organization, Orton would see himself rise in popularity and move up the ranks to eventually become a household name. Now synonymous with names like John Cena, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and Dave Bautista, Randy Orton has seen his career flourish with no end in sight.

One of Orton’s biggest draws is his overwhelming size. The man stands at 6’5” and has a truly powerful physique. There’s no wonder that Orton has become popular with the fans. In this day and age people want to see larger than life figures and Randy fits the bill. We have the shoulder and bicep workout plan that turned Orton into such a force of nature and now you can try it out yourself.

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Shoulders (3-5 sets, 8-12 reps)

Lateral raises, front, side, and rear
Dumbbell press
Upright rows
Standing barbell push-press

Biceps (3-5 sets, 8-12 reps)

Standing dumbbell curls
Preacher Curls
Hammer curls
E-Z curl bar
One armed concentration curls

Mix and match your routine with Randy’s and we’re sure you’ll see some sick development. Let us know what you think of Randy Orton’s routine in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

Jonathan Salmon
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