Raymont Edmonds discusses dealing with stress in bodybuilding and how his Olympia 2020 loss will affect his contest prep going into the new year.

Raymont Edmonds went into the Olympia 2020 as the defending champion looking to eanr himself a repeat victory. This ultimately didn’t happen. Instead, former Men’s Phyisque Olympia champion, Brandon Hendrickson, returned for vengeance and earned the big win. After the judges feedback, does Edmonds plan to retool his contest prep and training? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Raymont Edmonds discusses how he plans to change things up as he prepares for Olympia 2021.

While Raymont Edmonds did not win the Men’s Physique Olympia 2020, he still presented a stellar physique on the stage. So this begs the question, does he feel the need to retool his competition prep? Or does he simply need to focus harder on his current plan? During our recent video conversation with Edmonds, it seems the judges feedback has provided him some valuable insight into how he can adjust his contest prep to become even more dangerous.

Now that Brandon Hendrickson has re-earned his Men’s Physique Olympia title, he has a renewed vigor to maintain that status going into 2021 and beyond. That’s not even to mention the other top tier competitors who are still hungry to improve and earn their first title. The pressure is on now more than ever for Raymont Edmonds to improve and come back or revenge.

That’s why we asked Edmonds how his second place finish at the Olympia 2020 has changed his perspective going into the new year. Has it opened his eyes to new tactics for contest prep moving forward?

Raymont Emdonds didn’t even have to pause for his answer. “Hell yeah,” Edmonds immediately stated in our interview. He laughs and reconfirms, “Damn right. The feedback that I get. You know, we are going to put that shit to work and we are coming for it.”

While he doesn’t go into specifics. His confidence in his answer seems to show a man who has been further invigorated to succeed by the loss rather than thrown off his game. He also mentions that due to the strange timing of the Olympia in 2020, he didn’t even have a moment to take a break.

“With the Olympia and everything happening so late in the year that it’s a short calendar for the Olympia this year, you know? Usually after the Olympia there’s months of, like, just down time and the holidays come and stuff. But it happened right at the end fo the year to where there’s not much down time. I think people are getting ready, the season is about to start up. I feel like the way that the timing of everything is… it’s got me… there was no time afterwards where I was like ‘Oh man, boo hoo.’ It’s just… I gotta go back to work.”

While a lack of break can be harmful to some. It seems that for Raymont Edmonds it allowed him to avoid wallowing in defeat and to immediately focus on how he can become better. In a sense, without holidays and downtime – there’s less room for him to slip and lose sight of victory.

You can watch Raymont Edmond’s full comments, as well as his thoughts on dealing with stress in bodybuilding, in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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