Raymont Edmonds uses social media to size up his competition before a show

In the modern era of bodybuilding, it’s easier now more than ever to follow the progress of pro bodybuilders as they prepare for a show. Social media has given fans direct access to seeing the daily routines of their favorite competitors. So long as a pro bodybuilder is willing to share – you could see their physique progress leading right up to the day of the show. But it’s not only fans who can utilize this access. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Raymont Edmonds explains how he uses social media to keep tabs on his competition during contest prep.

Normally when we interview pro bodybuilders, they give the same answer when it comes to observing the competition. We’ve asked countless pros whether or not that scope out their peers backstage or even online leading up to a show. Do they adjust their tactic based off an impressive physique that might threaten their chance at victory?

Ultimately, nearly every pro bodybuilder says the same thing. They claim to ignore the competition and only focus on their own work. In today’s day and age – this seems to be a more challenging thing to accomplish. Even if you consider pure curiosity, the internet is right in everyone’s pocket. It would take true will power and focus to not take a peek at fellow competitor’s updates.

So it was refreshing when speaking with Raymont Edmonds about this very topic. He was full transparent. Yes, he does scope out his competition from time to time. He has an Instagram and follows fellow competitors. During contest prep, he occasionally will check in to see how other pro bodybuilders are shaping up.

“Hell Yeah I chime in to see how they looking,” Raymont Edmonds laughs and proclaims during our interview. He continues:

“I open Instagram and I know everyone who’s on my screen. So yeah, I’m like damn! Yo, let’s turn it up this afternoon! There’s no hate in my blood, bro. I give props where props are due. A lot of these guys, these guys look great.”

Raymont Edmonds laughs throughout the entire answer. Perhaps he is over-exaggerating the live in which he actually evaluates his competition and adjusts his training. But if anything, at the very least, it seems that scoping out his fellow competitors adds a sense of motivation for his training.

It might not be a tactic to adjust his entire regimen. Instead, it seems that seeing other pro bodybuilders’ physiques motivates him to push even harder. If he knows that the other bodybuilders he shares the stage with are bringing razor sharp physiques – it will only push him to dig deeper during every training session.

You can watch Raymont Edmond’s full comments about the role of social media during contest prep in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour has been managing all digital operations on the Generation Iron Network for over six years. He currently manages a team of editors, writers, and designers to provide up-to-date content across the GI Network.