The best moments recapped from the Olympia 2018 press conference.

The Olympia press conference is the last chance, the final word so to speak, for the Olympia competitors. After the press conference it all comes down to actions, to physiques, and to the results. So the press conference comes with heavy anticipation. Will there be something groundbreaking announced? Will we see some great beefs? Will we be surprised?

Ultimately, the Olympia press conference is the final hype promotion before we get to see the competition itself. Below is a breakdown of the best moments from the Olympia 2018 press conference.

Shawn Rhoden – “I Was Just Speaking Facts”

Shawn Rhoden was confronted about some controversial statements he made about Phil Heath – namely some strong criticisms about certain poses. Specifically – “front double bicep… crap, lat spread… crap, side chest… he never does a side chest!”

Shawn Rhoden responded calm and cool – “I’m just speaking facts.” And then the audience swooned in surprise.

Big Ramy Is A Man Of Few Words – “That’s It”

Big Ramy was asked if he can beat Phil Heath. He simply said that the past years he hasn’t been perfect but this year will be different. “This year will be something different. That’s it.”

Phil responded with many more words despite saying that “talk is cheap.” Then went on to continue to explain why he is the best and how his seven Sandow trophies prove that.

Nathan De Asha Keeps Trash Talk To A Minimum

Nathan De Asha was going nuts all month long talking trash about every other competitor going against him in the Men’s Open. So it comes as a surprise that Nathan kept it relatively humble and short at the press conference. Looks like he’s ready to focus on actions now instead of words.

Cedric McMillan and William Bonac Got Some Beef!

Cedric McMillan is a person who loves to talk and talk and talk. That’s not a bad thing – because he often has something amazing to say. And this time is no different. Cedric revealed that he recently found out his military unit was activated to help with support for Hurricane Florence. This is weighing on his mind along with his friends and family left behind who have to deal with the storm. He ultimately puts it all together with one final quote, “I live in the real world.”

But this left William Bonac in a bad mood. He calls Cedric out – saying that ALL competitors have personal issues they deal with along with their struggle to become the best. Bonac thinks that Cedric is trying to play himself up better than everyone else. Bonac claimed that Cedric didn’t acknowledge any other athlete behind the scenes leading up to the press conference and Meet The Olympians… and while Bonac considered himself a friend of Cedric, he still found his words during the press conference offensive. It was an explosive and unexpected moment indeed.

Andre Ferguson and Brandon Hendrickson Back At It Again

Okay, so this was instigated by the hosts of the press conference for sure – but Andre and Brandon just can’t help themselves. When asked about the beef between these two competitors online earlier in the year… Andre tried to play it down and focus on the competition at hand, but eventually it all collapsed into a yelling match with both competitors trying to talk over each other. It’s all kind of pointless really – but we’ll see how these tow duke it out on stage later this weekend.

Chris Bumstead Will Use His Youth Against His Fellow Competitors

Chris Bumstead played his moment in the press conference short and loose – but one highlight was a statement he made about his future in the Olympia. He claimed that he is young and many of the other competitors are older. He’ll use this to his advantage. And he’s not wrong – Chris Bumstead already looks amazing and has many more years ahead of him to continue to perfect his Classic Physique. Will this year be the moment he can turn it around and become a champion? Or will it come later when the older competitors bow out? We’ll soon see.

George Peterson – Great vs Phenomenal

George Peterson came into the press conference with a big grin on his face and a lot of tall words to live up to. Referencing Breon Ansley specifically, he claimed that a great back can’t stand up to a “phenomenal” back. He also claimed that he would show the world something never before seen on the bodybuilding stage.

When Breon had a chance to follow up being asked if he thought his back can be beat, he responded respectfully but confidently – no, he does not think so one bit.


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