REDCON1 Bar Review

The Protein Bar for all Your Needs is BACK

When it comes to protein bars, these products are usually a hit or miss for a multitude of reasons. Protein bars can be great for bodybuilding, as they are treats for someone who is on diet. Unfortunately, a lot of times you find protein bars that are filled with junk ingredients and really are not nearly as healthy as they advertise themselves to be. Not even just that, but you also find a lot of protein snacks are honestly downright disgusting, they may have a chalky texture or are just gooey and too much to chew. Luckily, this is not the case with the new and improved REDCON1 BAR, available May 25, 2023.

REDCON1 BAR Overview

The ultimate soft-baked, protein-packed snack bar, powered by peanut butter. Perfect for while on-the-go to help curb hunger or sneaky sweet-tooth cravings.

Yes, you may have seen the REDCON1 BAR on the shelves before, that is because it was. REDCON1 is relaunching this extremely popular bar that took the fitness industry by storm when it was first released back in 2021. Coming back with a new and improved formula, from a reputable company that is known for putting out quality with everything they release from pre-workouts to meal replacements, you cannot go wrong with the REDCON1 BAR. 

The new and improved REDCON1 BAR is the ultimate soft-baked, protein-packed snack bar, powered mainly by peanut butter. It is packed with protein to fuel you up and keep you feeling full and is designed to be the perfect treat for an any time of day snack, or to curb those sneaky 2pm after lunch sweet tooth cravings that get the best of us sometimes. 


As stated above, the REDCON1 BAR was released back in 2021, but had a few issues that required REDCON1 to go back to the drawing board. The original bar contained a chocolate coating and higher macros, which is something that may not have fit everyone’s diet. People very much enjoyed the taste of the bars, but there were some issues with the chocolate coating, as the bars were found to be melting in transit, and there were also some manufacturing problems. 

However, with a new manufacturer and new formula, the REDCON1 BAR is back and better than ever. 


Who is the REDCON1 BAR For?

Sure, the typical REDCON1 customers and fans of the original bar will absolutely love the new and improved REDCON1 BAR, but this new and improved formula for the fan favorite Protein Snacks is intended to help bring REDCON1 to more households than just loyal customers and your typical fitness fanatics. The intent is to use a formula that is friendly to just about any diet, and have the bars reach more than just the average gym goer. REDCON1 BARs this time are aimed at reaching people of all demographics, regardless of diet preferences. 

The REDCON1 BAR comes with no whey protein, as these protein Snacks are created to be perfect for anyone with whey sensitivities, as REDCON1 knows that this is a huge demographic of consumer. 

REDCON1 BAR: Old vs. New

You might be wondering, what is different about the new REDCON1 BAR compared to the old. For starters, the new bars are being made by a different manufacturer, which helps provide a better texture that is more consistent throughout. The bars also will not melt on the way to distributors, nor will they melt in your gym bag, purse, backpack, and so on, as they have no chocolate coating on the outside. This also makes for better macros, as there are less fat, carbs, and sugar, and honestly less calories as a whole in each bar. 

You might think that without the chocolate, the new bars will not taste as good as the original ones did, however this is not the case. The new bars have a new formula that includes real cookie and candy pieces in every bar. Therefore, they have a great taste with each bite, as they are designed to taste just like a candy bar, but with far better macros.

The new bars are also a smaller size, which might not seem like a huge difference, but makes it a little more convenient. For example, now you can fit way more REDCON1 BARs into your pockets when you are leaving the house, they honestly are the perfect snack for when you are on the go. 

Flavors and Taste

As far as the flavors, the REDCON1 BARs come in two flavors as of now, which are Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies & Cream. When taking the taste into consideration, many times protein bars will have a weird aftertaste or just not taste like what they are advertised as. However, the REDCON1 BARs do not have an aftertaste, and they taste just like what they are meant to be.

Ingredients and Macros

The REDCON1 BAR is designed to help you hit your daily protein intake, in a tasteful manner. Each bar contains 20g of protein, which is awesome for a snack of this size. The recommended intake for each meal is about 15-30 grams, so these snacks fit right into that category. 

As far as the fat and carbohydrate contents, the REDCON1 BARs have right around16g of fat and 30g of carbs.



Let’s break down a big deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a product, and that is price. A lot of times you will see protein bars being outrageously priced for products that are not even that good, but the REDCON1 BAR is not like that.

You can purchase these bars at a price of $10.50 for 3, or $34.99 for 12!

Our Verdict

As die hard fans of the original REDCON1 BARs, you know we had to try out the new and improved ones, and we were not disappointed in the slightest. Each bite is filled with sweetness, and knowing that it is packed with protein and not full of junk ingredients makes it ten times better. Here are some things we like about the REDCON1 BAR:

  • Great taste: No weird aftertaste and the bars taste just like they are meant to.
  • Good price: Sometimes protein bars are so overly priced that you are breaking the bank just to afford them!
  • Convenient: Not only are they a great protein snack, but even in a pinch when you cannot fit a meal in, these bars are great as a quick meal replacement.

Our only complaint is there are only so many in each box! 

Wrap Up


Overall, REDCON1 BARs are back and better than ever. A new and improved formula makes for a great protein packed product, perfect for any time of day and just about any diet. 

Will you be trying the new release of the REDCON1 BAR?

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redcon1-bar-reviewThe Protein Bar for all Your Needs is BACK When it comes to protein bars, these products are usually a hit or miss for a multitude of reasons. Protein bars can be great for bodybuilding, as they are treats for someone who is on diet....