Nick Trigili talks online bodybuilding coaches and cookie cutter training plans.

A CONVERSATION WITH NICK TRIGILI – is a six part sit down interview with Nick after his explosive and controversial Instagram video showcasing exactly how to inject steroids into your delts. In an industry that shuns talk of steroids, Nick is surprisingly vocal. Vlad Yudin sat down with Nick to get the full story… exposing a side of bodybuilding you may not have known exists.

Nick Trigili didn’t release his controversial “how to inject steroids” video on Instagram just for attention. He did it because he believes there are some truths of bodybuilding that are not transparent enough – especially for amateurs just starting out. The Instagram video was simply a springboard for a bigger conversation Nick wants to have with the bodybuilding fanbase, athletes, and industry. Case in point, in part 3 of our interview series, Nick goes in deep on the recent explosion of online bodybuilding coaching… and how scams and corruption find their way into an exploding business model.

Much like many industries on the internet, online bodybuilding coaching is subject to people looking for a quick buck. Unfortunately, there are many passionate athletes looking to learn how to get an edge on the competition, that they will shell out money for a coach that might not have their best interests in mind. But how deep do these scams go? Nick pulls from his own experience talking with young and amateur bodybuilders to reveal how dark this rabbit hole can get. Check it out in Part 3 of A Conversation With Nick Trigili above!

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