The Best Way To Recover From A Hard Training Session

Recover faster to get back to work.

For most hardcore bodybuilders and lifters there’s only one speed when they get into the gym: full speed ahead. When you’re trying to grow your muscle and make a quality physique, whether that means focusing on aesthetics, mass or otherwise, it all requires some hard training. In order to see a change you have to pay the price and the price is hard work each and every time. But training like a savage can take its toll on the body, force your body to eventually shut down and give out. So just how in the hell do you prevent that from happening?

There are many schools of thought on this process. There are many people that will tell you to simply rest after hard training. But doing that could ultimately do more harm than good. Sitting on your ass and waiting for things to get better, whether after hard and intense training or because you suffered an injury, will not solve the problem at hand. In order to make a full recovery you need to remain active. Sure, rest is required to rebuild your damage muscle and heal, but that doesn’t mean staying out of the gym for days at a time simply because you went hard the day before.

So how exactly should you proceed with the recovery process? Should you ice the areas that were trained? Should you take an anti inflammatory? Well, according to Stan Efferding there’s a pretty simple answer to question. In Efferding’s recent Rhino Rant, the world’s strongest bodybuilder delves into the idea that hard training is needed for competitive athletes, but so is a recovery method that will have them coming back to the gym for more. Take a look at the video below and get some valuable information on how to recover from a hard training session.

What’s your opinion on the Rhino’s recovery methods?

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