Generation Iron Rich Piana Steroids 18 years old

“Why I started taking gear at 18 years old.”

Competition is an athlete’s opportunity to prove their worth not only to the spectators that venture to view the sporting event, but to also prove to yourself that you’re the best at what you do. Sports are a very interesting endeavor to participate in. In order to be considered the best in means making the sacrifices necessary to achieve your goal. But becoming the best means facing off with other talented athletes, all with the same aspirations.

Bodybuilding is a very unique sport. It’s a sport where a win or a loss is separated by how much effort you put into perfecting your physique. That means working hard in the gym, having a proper training split, and maintaining a strict and accurate diet. There’s no team to put the blame on when it comes to bodybuilding, particularly when you’re starting out. Most bodybuilders have to explore the mechanics of their body to see what works and what doesn’t.

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Those early stages are where a bodybuilder can be made or broken. Some bodybuilders may start off their amateur career with some pretty horrible showings only to grow into something special while many others start off strong only to have it crumble before their eyes. Like any other sport there’s risk and reward. In order to win a show putting everything on the line is a very real prospect, an unavoidable path in order to experience greatness.

Winning sometimes means exploring options that we never would have dreamed of. While many bodybuilders who compete choose to remain natural, there are others who resort to using steroids in order to give themselves a leg up. It’s something that many bodybuilders would never talk about, but there are some out there that have no trouble speaking their minds.

Take for instance Rich Piana. He’s been an enigmatic figure in bodybuilding for quite some time now and is probably one of the more outspoken individuals when it comes to anabolic use in the sport. If you were one of those people wondering how someone can get into using steroids to make gains, just take a listen Rich Piana’s story of how he first got started using anabolics.

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