Rick Collins Esq. addresses the stereotype of crossing the border to Mexico to obtain steroids.

As with many illegal substances, there is a stereotype about drug runners going across the border to Mexico and bringing them back into the United States. But is this tactic used when it comes down to steroids for bodybuilding? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, the foremost legal authority of anabolic steroid law, Rick Collins Esq., details the reality behind getting steroids legally from Mexico.

There have been a few bodybuilders throughout the years who have admitted to crossing the border into Mexico to obtain steroids. One of the biggest names to discuss this on record was Rich Piana in Generation Iron 2. But what is the reality behind steroid law in Mexico? We turned to Rick Collins to get a better idea.

While Rick Collins is an expert on United States law, he doesn’t have as detailed of an account to what is legal on paper in Mexico. What he does know is that the letter of the law is likely very different to what’s happening on the ground in the country.

What is clear, is that it can be very easy to obtain steroids in Mexico compared to the United States. More specifically, it can be a very realistic option for those who leave near the border of Mexico.

Rick Collins goes on to describe a client that he represented who was a “runner” of steroids across the border. He eventually got caught and went to trial. Collins took on the case and was able to save the client from serious repercussions (though he doesn’t go into detail due to confidentiality).

Regardless of the legal truth behind the sale of steroids in Mexico, the obvious reality is that it’s illegal to bring back over to the United States. While criminals have and will continue to find ways of transporting drugs across the border – in general it’s a very risky practice with serious legal repercussions.

Also in this video, Rick Collins goes into detail about the rising tide of legalization with Marijuana. He explores the conflict between state law and federal law. He details the “unspoken” rule of thumb that federal agents take. That is to pull back on marijuana crackdowns in states that have legalized weed.

So will this happen with steroids should certain states start legalizing the drug? Rick Collins can’t say for sure. Today in the United States, marijuana is largely accepted by majority of citizens. This makes it easier to states to legalize the drug without major pushback from federal authorities.

Steroids might not fall under that same understanding. The current climate in the mainstream and politics is that steroids are dangerous when used recreationally. It might make more of a push and pull between state and federal divisions should steroids ever by legalized on a state level.

You can watch Rick Collins Esq. go into detail about these topics in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

(DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed int his video are that of the subject and not Generation Iron. The comments in this video should not be construed as legal advice).

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