Top pro natural bodybuilder Rob Terry talks about losing his left kidney, Mike O’Hearn, and former enhanced bodybuilders that go natural.

Rob Terry is one of the top pro natural bodybuilders currently competing. A former pro wrestler, Terry eventually made his way to natural bodybuilding where he has dominated for years. His physique is so impressive that he takes random drug tests throughout the year to prove he is consistently all natural. So what does Terry think about the controversial debate about Mike O’hearn’s natural claims? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Rob Terry shares his thoughts on whether or not Mike O’Hearn is really natural.

It may sound like beating a dead horse, but the bodybuilding world has consistently been at odds with Mike O’Hearn’s consistent claims that he is all natural. The main reason for this is due to the fact that O’Hearn has a truly incredible physique. So incredible, in fact, that many fans don’t believe it can be obtained naturally.

We’ve already released an exclusive clip from Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life showcasing a variety of top bodybuilding athletes, doctors, coaches, and experts sharing their thoughts on Mike O’Hearn (You can also explore the full depth of natural bodybuilding by pre-ordering Generation Iron 4 today right here). But what does one of the top pro natural bodybuilders think?

Rob Terry has been an iconic pro natural bodybuilder for years now. He holds a physique that is so impressive that he takes random drug tests throughout the year to prove his claims. Being one of the best natural bodybuilders must certainly give Terry insight into what is and isn’t possible naturally. That’s why we asked Terry to share his thoughts on the Mike O’Hearn debate. Does Rob Terry believe that a physique like Mike O’Hearn’s can be all natural?

Rob Terry does believe Mike O’Hearn. In fact, he relates to the constant criticism that O’Hearn receives. Terry has faced accusations of being a fake natty for years due to his massive physique. It’s sadly the lot in a natural bodybuilder’s life.

Rob Terry also explains from his years of experience as a wrestler and natural bodybuilder – he has met dozens of people that are all natural – but are constantly accused of lying. It’s an unfortunately side effect of being one of the best natural athletes in the world. It seems impossible so fans and critics immediately assume PEDs were involved.

“Do I think he’s natural or unnatural? So many times people will ask me my opinion on other people. I know that people generally are really quick to judge me and whether I’m natural or not,” Rob Terry states in our interview.

“So I can tell you five or six guys in the industry of professional wrestling and bodybuilding who are 100% natural. But you would never really – you would be like ‘Wow, really? He is?’ So it’s just one of those things where, you know, I would always… until he’s proven that he’s not I would say yeah.”

During our interview, Rob Terry also discusses how losing his left kidney put him on the path of natural bodybuilding; whether or not he would have been natural without the health scare; and whether or not a former enhanced bodybuilder can be considered truly natural.

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