Robby Robinson unveils some terrible truths in the new trailer for Robby Robinson’s Blueprint

Generation Iron Network has officially released a new trailer for the feature documentary, Robby Robinson’s Blueprint. This highly anticipated film is now available on all major digital platforms, offering bodybuilding enthusiasts an intimate and revealing look into the life of an iconic figure from the sport’s Golden Age. You can watch the film on digital today right here.

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint chronicles the life story of Robby Robinson, an iconic figure in the bodybuilding world who has remained relatively silent in recent years. Known as “The Black Prince,” Robinson was one of the first black men to appear on the covers of major bodybuilding magazines. His legacy includes his starring role in the seminal documentary Pumping Iron and his advocacy for equal rights within the sport.

The film captures his triumphs, including winning Mr. America, IFBB Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and Masters Olympia titles. It delves deep into the life of a man whose story is as complex as it is inspiring.

Baring Robby Robinson’s Darkest Traumas For The World To See

Directed by award-winning documentarian Vlad Yudin, Robby Robinson’s Blueprint investigates beyond the accolades of Robby Robinson’s career. It also dives deep into Robinson’s challenging childhood in the racially segregated South of the 1960s to his battles with sickle cell anemia and his memories of being sexually assaulted before he was old enough to fully understand what was happening to him.

Despite his early fame, Robinson receded from the public eye, rarely granting interviews and often being overlooked in discussions about the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Nevertheless, his dedication to the sport never wavered. Now in his late 70s, Robinson maintains a physique that rivals men half his age.

Robby Robinson Bodybuilder Flexing Bicep Back
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Robby Robinson’s Masterful Physique At Over 70 Years Old

The documentary also highlights Robinson’s present-day life and his unexpected friendship with entrepreneur Tim Taylor. What began as a four-day training session evolved into a genuine bond. For the first time, Robinson allowed someone into his private life, marking a significant shift in his personal narrative.

Taylor documented their training sessions and conversations, creating the 6-Step Blueprint – a comprehensive fitness program based on 50 years of Robinson’s knowledge and expertise. Taylor believes that sharing this Blueprint with the public will cement Robinson’s legacy, offering a lasting testament to his impact on the sport.

How To Watch Robby Robinson’s Blueprint

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint is produced and directed by Vlad Yudin, with Edwin Mejia Jr. and Tim Taylor serving as producers. The film’s release on June 28, 2024, marks a significant addition to the Generation Iron Network’s roster of compelling bodybuilding documentaries, poised to inspire and educate audiences around the globe.

As the countdown to the release begins, fans eagerly await the chance to delve into the remarkable story of Robby Robinson, a true titan of bodybuilding whose influence extends far beyond the gym.

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint is now available on all major digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand. For more information about the film, including ways to watch and pre-order, visit the official documentary website right here or click the banner below.

Robby Robinson's Blueprint

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