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The earth-shattering moment that Robby Robinson and his father discovered human remains in a bloody sack in the woods… and how it changed them forever

    In this clip, Robby Robinson reflects on one of the most traumatizing moments of his childhood. While walking through the woods with his father, they discover a mysterious bloody sack. What his father saw in that sack changed him forever… and changed their relationship for the worse.

Robby Robinson is likely best known as an icon 1980s bodybuilder with an incredible physique. He was one of the first black bodybuilders to grace magazine covers. And to this day at over 75 years old, he holds an astounding physique that would put the average young adult to shame.

But behind that muscle is a complicated human being with a series of traumas that often challenged is sanity. Robby Robinson’s Blueprint explores that past and those traumas in great detail – and how they stood in parallel to his incredible bodybuilding accomplishments.

In this exclusive clip, we take a sneak peek at one particular trauma involving his father, a bloody sack in the woods, and how it changed their relationship forever. You can watch the clip below:

A Bloody Sack In The Woods Filled With Unspeakable Things

Robby Robinson grew up with his family in the woods and swamps of the American south. Even as a child, Robby’s life was that of a loner. He considered his pet dog his one true friend and would often talk to the dog rather than go out and play with other friends.

His father would also take Robby out for walks into the woods. But on one fateful day, everything changed for both Robby Robinson and his father. While walking through the bramble and trees – they suddenly discovered a sack hanging from a rope off a tree branch. The sack was covered in blood and swung slowly in the breeze.

In the American south, it was common for hunters to kill wild animals, cut them up, and then wrap them up in a burlap sack. But based on his father’s reaction, something was certainly off.

Robby Robinson’s father stopped Robby from moving forward. He told Robby that what laid ahead was likely something for adults. As his father went ahead, he took out his knife and cut the rope bringing the sack thumping to the ground.

When Robby Robinson’s father opened the sack, his skin turned white. His expression completely changed. While Robby was too young to really understand what was happening – he know from the look on his father’s face that something inhumane and unspeakable sat in the sack.

Looking back now, Robby Robinson believes that human remains were held in that sack in the woods. Perhaps even the remains of a black man hunted and killed by bigoted white folk. While he can never be certain, Robby’s father changed permanently after that… in a way that would eventually destroy their relationship.

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The Emotional And Mental Decline Of Robby Robinson’s Father

Robby Robinson’s father was never the same after that day. He quickly turned to drinking alcohol daily. He became closed off and aggressive. He often verbally abused Robby and his mother. He would soon later physically abuse Robby’s mother as well.

Over the years, Robby Robinson’s father’s anger and aggression grew so unstable – that he threatened to attack Robby himself. It was in this moment Robby dug deep within himself. A fight or flight response that landed Robby directly into the fight category.

Robby Robinson’s friend, Tim Taylor, describes the moment succinctly:

“He saw his father change before his eyes from that event… his father started to come at him one time. He basically said to his father, if you come at me, we’re going at it. And his father backed down. And from there they never really talked again.”

Official Robby Robinson’s Blueprint Synopsis

Once hailed as a trailblazing bodybuilding icon, Robby Robinson vanished from the limelight, leaving behind a legacy overshadowed by time. But now, at 77, he’s staging a jaw-dropping return to the spotlight, defying age with a physique that defies logic.

Delve into Robby’s remarkable journey from a tumultuous past to his triumphant return, as he unveils the truth behind the muscle and the man. For the first time ever, the real Robby Robinson is ready to be shown to the world as he should have been known in his prime. His greatest impact not yet behind him but instead about to unfold by reshaping the very blueprint of the fitness industry.

How To Watch Robby Robinson’s Blueprint

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint is directed by Vlad Yudin (Generation Iron, The Hurt Business, Ronnie Coleman: The King) and produced by both Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr. (Generation Iron, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, The Hurt Business, Ronnie Coleman: The King) alongside Tim Taylor.

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint will be on all major digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand on June 28, 2024. For more information about the film, including ways to watch and pre-order, visit the official documentary website right here or click the banner below.

Robby Robinson's Blueprint Available June 28

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