INTERVIEW: Robert Timms Opens Up About His Previous Battle With Cancer

Robert Timms looks back at his experience battling cancer that could have took away his leg.

Robert Timms is a pro Classic Physique competitor that is looking to be a real threat in upcoming competitions. But his entire bodybuilding future was threatened when he was 21 years old due to a cancer diagnosis. Ultimately, he recovered – but the cancer found in his shin bone could have led to a full amputation of his leg worst case scenario. Thankfully this didn’t happen. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Robert Timms recounts the experience of being diagnosed with cancer and the process of recovery.

In today’s world, cancer is seemingly everywhere. Nearly 1 in 3 people get cancer within their lifetime. Most likely, someone you know has had cancer or knows something who did. It’s a very scary disease that can cause significant suffering. Luckily, as we progress forward there have been serious progress towards more efficient cures and recoveries.

Robert Timms is a bodybuilder that had to face the grim reality of a cancer diagnosis at only 21 years old. He was already well on his way towards his bodybuilding goals when he noticed a sever pain in his shin. After a trial and error with doctors – it was discovered he had cancer in his shin bone. The worst case scenario of this situation would be to amputate his leg.

It was a very heavy diagnosis for anyone, let alone a young 21 year old man. In our recent video conversation, we talked with Robert Timms about the diagnosis and the process of recovery. Timms discusses the entire ordeal with optimism. He had survived the ordeal (with his leg in tact) and was able to continue his journey in bodybuilding.

Robert Timms is obviously thankful for modern medicine and his ability to fully recover. That being said, he was honest about the process and how it specifically affected him as a bodybuilder. Undergoing chemotherapy meant sidetracking his entire bodybuilding career. He lost a lot of weight and a lot of muscle. It set his progress back significantly.

Upon being in remission, Robert Timms slowly returned to training. It was a struggle at first. His body was still weak and not responding immediately to the training. But overtime he started to notice his old self come back. Soon he was fully back in action and ready to take on the Classic Physique division.


When it comes to something as seemingly insurmountable as cancer, Robert Timms had some advice for those dealing with the disease. While cancer can be very serious – he expressed the importance of being optimistic especially during this time in modern medicine.

“I think it was more so scary because I thought it was a death wish. But it’s not,” Robert Timms stated in our interview. He continued:

“My step sister right now, she has cancer… and she was broken. And I said, ‘Listen, you’re sick. There’s medicine. You’re going to be fine.’ Now when you think of it like that it makes it easier.”

You can watch Robert Timms recount his entire battle with cancer in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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