Robert Timms’ Physique Will “Blow The Hardness & Tightness Out Of The Water At This Olympia”

Robert Timms promises something different and next level in his physique at the Olympia 2021.

With just a few days until the Olympia 2021, fans and athletes are getting hyped up for the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Competitors are in process of tightening in their peak week timing to present the ultimate physique on stage. Robert Timms is a Classic Physique competitor aiming to make big waves at this year’s Olympia. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Robert Timms claims fans should expect “something different” and a next level physique at Olympia 2021.

When it comes to preparing for a competition, Robert Timms washes out all of the white noise. He doesn’t worry about what comments on social media say. He doesn’t care what rival competitors look like in their physique update photos. He only cares about the opinion of two people – his coach and his father.

This is the mindset Robert Timms informed us about during our recent video interview just weeks before the Olympia 2021. Timms has been a top tier Classic Physique competitor – and in its earliest inception as a division – Timms was one of the first pinnacles showcasing what Classic Physique should look like. It makes sense then that his Instagram handle and nickname is “Mr. Classic Physique.”

Despite this, he has yet to win a Classic Physique Olympia title for himself. This isn’t for lack of promise – the Classic Physique division sports some of the most competitive physiques in the entire sport. That’s why this year Robert Timms has adjusted his prep to transform his physique into “something different” – to use his own words. He plans to show a physique that his fans have never seen before in his career.

We asked Robert Timms what his strategy was going into the Olympia 2021. He answered by claiming his goal was to bring something special. A different physique than he’s brought to the stage in years past. To do this – he focused on really bringing in his conditioning. He wants to “blow the hardness and tightness out of the water” as he puts it confidently.


And this isn’t simply confident pre-competition cockiness. Robert Timms has shown some physique updates on his social media in weeks past – and the results are looking spectacular. Many fans have already noticed that he can be a real big threat to the returning champion Chris Bumstead – as well as other high profile competitors such as Breon Ansley and Terrence Ruffin.

Just a few weeks ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger boldly claimed during his Arnold Classic commentary that Classic Physique was the best division of the sport. While many might take offense to his dismissal of Men’s Open, his excitement for Classic Physique is shared by many. The division has proven to be a rousing success.

It’s pleased fans who miss the Golden Era of Physique. It’s also pleasing fans by the sheer competitiveness of the athletes in the division. There’s no doubt that Classic Physique sports some of the most electric face offs on stage. Each year – the Olympia champion is can be seen as a crapshoot. No one competitor, even Chris Bumstead, is a shoe in for the prize. Robert Timms seems to be yet another to throw into the mix.

You can watch Robert Timms go into full detail about his Olympia 2021 strategy in our latest GI exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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