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It seems like The Rock is really embracing his motivational spirit.

He’s at it again. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a man of many talents. From wrestling to acting to bodybuilding, the man simply has a drive and charisma that has seen his star rise exponentially. The Rock is a man who truly thrives on seeing other people succeed; his Instagram and Twitter accounts being evidence of that. A great deal of the images, quotes, and foibles that he posts online have a great deal to do with motivating his followers to be the best versions of themselves they can be. It just goes to show how a man who was once down and out was able to turn things around through determination and sheer will.

After launching a reality based motivational television series Wake Up Call with TNT, it looks like The Rock is venturing further into the TV stratosphere. This time the former wrestler turned actor is heading to HBO with a new documentary series. The show will focus on a boot camp prison with the goal of reforming troubled youths charged with a multitude of crimes. The Rock took to Instagram to promote his new project. Take a look.

“ROCK & A HARD PLACE”. We’ve officially started production on our next @HBO Documentary Films project. From armed robbery to attempted murder, we’re taking you inside one of the most unique and successful boot camp prisons in the world. They break these young offenders down in a hard core way, only to build them back up to make them better men and women once they’re released. We partnered up with the producers of LOCK UP and HBO’s best documentary filmmakers to bring you a passion project of ours. With my multiple arrests, I was once one of these kids. One poor f*cked up decision after another. I turned my life around, and hopefully along the way we’ll help a few turn theirs around too. Production starts now. #HBODocumentaryFilms #7BucksProductions #44BlueProductions #DadeCountyFlorida #RockAndAHardPlace

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It looks like motivation is at the top of The Rock’s list when it comes to the bountiful perks of being a Hollywood star. The Rock, in a prison camp filled with wild disgruntled youths, his mission to help them to clean up their act to become well adjusted members of society? Hell, sign us up. With a premise like that, there’s no way we won’t be tuning into HBO.

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