Roelly Winklaar is keeping it tight two months out from the last Olympia.

Any real athlete knows that the hard work and self-discipline that go into training for a sport never really stops. Although bodybuilders go through fairly predictable cycles of cutting and bulking, Roelly Winklaar’s been hitting the gym a lot this season and proves having an incredible physique is a year-round affair.

One of the hardest and most physically demanding aspects of bodybuilding is how much effort you have to put into your diet and lifestyle. For pros like Roelly Winklaar who have to always be on top of their game, that means bodybuilding is a 24/7 investment. You can’t let yourself go after the Olympia because that might train your body into bad habits that would slow you down come next year. So, the only solution is to be working steadily on your physique year-round, paying close attention to your diet, and listening to your body.

Let Roelly’s physique be a lesson to all of us who are serious about fitness. This isn’t something you can put 50% or even 75% of yourself into and see results. It requires 110% of your focus and your attention, all the time. Nothing less will get you where you need to go to achieve your goals. And take a look at some of the other incredible athletes who give updates in this video — Calum von Moger powers through his most recent knee injury while Akim Williams looks good lifting and bulking in the off-season.

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