Generation Iron Ronnie Coleman Challenges Jay Cutler

Is Ronnie Coleman looking to make a comeback?

It looks like the former Olympia champion has his mind set on a comeback. Ronnie Coleman, who just recently underwent double hip replacement surgery, is back in the gym and is already hitting it hard. Many observers just saw this as his dedication to remaining in good physical condition at the age of 50, but there’s more to this story than we first thought.

Over the holiday weekend it seems that Coleman has regained his competitive spirit and is ready to tackle the posing stage once more. On his personal Instagram account Ronnie Coleman posted a picture of himself working his biceps in the gym. Yeah, not all that exciting on its own. We already knew he was back in the gym. But that wasn’t all the former champ posted up on Instagram. He issued a direct challenge to none other than his chief rival Jay Cutler. Take a look at what Ronnie had to say to his old nemesis:

“Trying my best to get these 17.34567 inch arms bigger. Of course it’s a never ending battle because I know it’s possible. If I stay focused I know I can get them back to 22 like they use to be. No excuses I am on a mission to possibly get back on that Olympia stage and give Jay a run for his money. I can’t beat Phil, but I think I can beat washed up Jay because I’m washed up too but not as washed up as Jay. Ok Jay the challenge is on, I’m giving you 2 years to meet me on that Olympia stage. It’s gonna be one on one, me against you. See you there in 2016, Oh yeah it ain’t over MF, once again it’s on. #yeahbuddy #lightweightbaby #aintnothingbutapeanut #aintnothingtoitbuttodoit. I’m getting my title back”

– Courtesy of Ronnie Coleman’s personal Instagram

It seems like Coleman is taking this seriously, but should we?  It’s rare that a man at Coleman’s advanced age would not only have the drive to get back to the posing stage at a high level, but the ability to get there as well. This could just be a friendly call out to his old rival, but if Coleman is serious about the challenge then things could get interesting. Just think, in two years we might see two legends back on the stage and battling for ultimate pride and respect. We don’t know about you guys – but it sounds pretty damn awesome!

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Jonathan Salmon
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