Ronnie Coleman Must Undergo Emergency Surgery

Ronnie Coleman has faced his fair share of adversity throughout his life and career as a professional bodybuilder.

The story of his hardships have only seemed to have gotten more abundant since his retirement from professional competition. His method of training all out during his bodybuilding prep camps have led to the legend undergoing a number of surgeries to repair his damaged body.

Now it seems that the eight-time Mr. Olympia must once again face yet another setback in his road to recovery.

Ronnie Coleman posted the below video to his Instagram page confirming that he’ll have to undergo surgery on his right hip.

Undergoing multiple surgeries for a number of different ailments, Ronnie Coleman is no stranger to going under the knife and has even been able to have some good humor about the situation. Ronnie Coleman has been up against the odds and has always come out on the other side.

They don’t call Ronnie Coleman “The King” for no reason. Whenever adversity knocks him down, Coleman shows the constitution of a champion and gets back on his feet. This time will be no different.

The GI team wishes Ronnie Coleman a fast and safe recovery as he continues his journey of recovery.

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