Ronnie Coleman Tells Joe Rogan he Started Bodybuilding to Get a Free Gym Membership

One of the greatest bodybuilders to ever compete appears on one of the biggest podcasts on the planet.

At the height of his powers Ronnie Coleman was an absolute beast. Constantly looking to improve upon his massive physique, Ronnie Coleman pushed his body to the limit. The kind of training that Coleman put himself through made him standout among the field. During his heyday Coleman simply out sized almost every bodybuilder in the game.

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With his intense training, massive size, and crazy conditioning, Ronnie Coleman was able to secure eight straight Olympia victories. There was a reason that the massively muscled Coleman earned the nickname “The King.”

Now, Ronnie Coleman appears on the Joe Rogan podcast to speak with the comedian and UFC commentator. A fan of bodybuilding in his younger years, Joe Rogan reflected on how incredible Ronnie Coleman was at the height of his powers.

“When I was really into bodybuilding and reading the magazines, I always said ‘you look like a dude who they invented in a Marvel comic book to kill The Hulk.’ That’s what you looked like when you were in your prime, man.”

In typical confident yet humble fashion Ronnie Coleman replied:

“I felt like I probably could too, back in those days.”

Generation Iron covered the famed bodybuilder in Ronnie Coleman: The King documenting his legendary career. To catch the full podcast below as Joe Rogan and Ronnie Coleman discuss the bodybuilding great’s life and career.

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