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Ronnie Coleman stayed a cop after he made it big as a bodybuilder – here’s why.

Ronnie Coleman isn’t just one of the best bodybuilders in the history of the sport – he’s also one of the strongest and hardest working. This attitude spreads far beyond just lifting too. Ronnie Coleman gave 100% to every single thing he was involved in. This includes his original day job as a police officer. Many bodybuilders dream of becoming a full time pro and ditching the day job – but Ronnie Coleman kept his job as cop for a while even after making it big as a bodybuilder. In the video above via Ronnie Coleman‘s YouTube channel you can see him explaining exactly why he stayed on board for so long. Check it out!

You can also watch the entire life story of Ronnie Coleman – also chronicling his more recent struggles after multiple spinal surgeries – in the documentary feature Ronnie Coleman: The King. Available to stream now.

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