This Pic Shows That Ronnie Coleman Wasn’t Just A Mass Monster But Also A Symmetrical Freak

A diverse beast.

Professional bodybuilding is about one thing and one thing only. Spectacle. The masses don’t come to a bodybuilding competition to remark on the inhuman physiques on stage. Fans watch competitions to see something they’ve never seen before. They go to discover which competitor is bringing something entirely new to the table. They go to see who has left humanity behind and who will dominate the competitive scene. For many years there was one man who fit that bill to a T.

Ronnie Coleman.

As an eight time Olympia champion, Ronnie Coleman is often considered to be one of the best bodybuilders to ever compete. With his freaky size and crazy genetics, Coleman was able to run roughshod over the competition for years. But every bodybuilder has their time to shine and like everyone else the eight time champ would eventually have to concede his position as the greatest in the world.

Despite that fact, Ronnie Coleman left a major mark on the world of bodybuilding. He wasn’t just your average run of the mill competitor looking to make a name for himself. Coleman would forever change what it means to be a dominant champion. Phil Heath is following in his footsteps as we speak and could potential challenge and maybe even break Coleman’s record of eight wins. But let us not forget just how crazy Ronnie Coleman’s physique was when he hopped on stage. Take a look at the pic below to get a sense of just how freaky he was in his prime.

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