Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates?

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Dorian Yates was a powerhouse and iconic bodybuilder in his time – landing 6 Mr. Olympia wins that has only been matched and beaten by a handful of competitors. But it was Ronnie Coleman who immediately succeeded him and went on to smash his streak with 8 Mr. Olympia wins. Ironically, Ronnie never actually had a chance to defeat Dorian at the Mr. Olympia – as his first win came after Dorian stopped competing. When you look at the stats – Ronnie actually never beat Dorian Yates at the Olympia. So we decided to do a virtual posedown and determine a winner. Who has the better physique? Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates? Jessenia breaks down the two competitors and then YOU can decide by voting in our YouTube comments! Check it out above.



    • Bubble gut as time went on towards the end of his career, but you didnt see that when he posed,he could control it, not like these guys today will have bubble guts even while they’re trying to suck it in. As far as why is he King because once he became mr. Olympia nobody could beat him and I truly believe that if he never got hurt he would have broke all the Olympia records and I truly believe that if he didn’t get hurt he could easily beat the top guys now. Most guys you look back at them and you say yeah he was the best for his era but look at Ronnie’s body and build he could easily win the Olympia today with the body he had from yesteryear

    • Jay beat him buddy ronnies earlier physique when he had a tiny waist before he was winning olympias was outstanding unfortunatly the olympia became about mass monsters and in order to win you have to be massive and the pharmaceuticals it takes to get you there as you can see today buddy have a really adverse effect on the abdomen his work ethic was phenomanal but towards the end when u saw him backstage his stomach was ridiculous he just knew how to manage it when posing wonder who would of won out of him and phil dorian and ronnie both great champions though

  1. Anyway, there are several version of dorian and several version of Ronnie.
    Dorian 93, 3-6 weeks out (the pic in black and white at temple gym) is unbeatable. Same thing for dorian at ggp 93.
    I don’t like the ultrashedded version if dorian, because he lost too much on the arms and his pecs were flat.
    Ronnie 98/99 was quite close and was better than many version of dorian.
    2003 robnie was a water balloon!

  2. Yes considering I don’t look pregnant and my abbs haven’t separated did I occasionally train, how can someone say he looked amazing when he had a massive belly and separated abbs. That’s not body building…

  3. ronnie was MASSIVE !! anf when he stoor there on that olympia stage , shreddeddd , HARD , deymn , right there you know this was gonna be a 2 person battle , couse jay had the same shock effect on us … both are amazing legends !!!

  4. I met Dorian Yates 1997 Manchester. Holly freekin hell! Met Ronnie Coleman a few week ago Wow still huge. Both gentlemen. But Dorian get my vote for the sheer depth, quality and hard dryness. Dorian shown them how it was done, yet nobody has came close to date.

  5. Ronnie. Hes the greatest of all time because of the competition he went up against. All them became hall of fame legends in their own right! Yet All of them had an unspoken respect for big Coleman. None outworked him. After each Olympia, Ronnie went str8 back on the grind. I dont see nobody doing that today. Such dedication.

  6. good comparison don’t know if dorian benched 495 for 5 as ronnie did or squated 800 for 2 and deadlifted 800 for 2 as close to a contest as ronnie did that being said i believe ronnie held more muscle than dorian but dorian was a close second ronnie did succeed dorian as mr olympia two great champs in my opinion who gave everything to the industry sport lifestyle until their two unique different sets of genetics were pretty much maxed out!

  7. Depends on what year you are talking about.. Before they became pros and Ronnie started juicing, hands down Ronnie had spot light. Both in their last days on stage Dorian looked better. In their prime Ronnie had more development and looked like nothing anyone has ever seen.

  8. Apple’s & oranges…. I can’t decide BUT the thing about Dorian was his conditioning was unbelievable specially when seen in person. When he hit a pose it was unbelievable and so was Ronnie but Dorian was at a different level! And the compitition in Dorians reign was a little bit tougher than Ronnies era but still between Ronnie & Dorian, apples & oranges!

  9. Look at it this way Rony coleman was 8 times míster olimpia, but Dorian yates only was 7 times míster olímpia, so now i say who was the best physique of all the times ? For me was Rony Coleman, because he is a body builder and at the same time become a strong man never seem before.

  10. Dorian Yates would beat out Ronnie Colman at every turn.. And it is true that Ronnie never beat Dorian. I think that if Dorian would have competed a few more times, Dorian would have had more sandows. However; Arnold has the total packege still to this day.


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