Ross Flanigan Reveals Vodka and Edibles Ruined Past Prep, Sets Sights on Arnold Classic

Ross Flanigan has big plans for his future including competing in the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Musclecontest California State Pro winner, Ross Flanigan recently revealed how vodka and marijuana edibles affected his prep for the 2022 Indy Pro. After showcasing an incredible physique last week at the Cali Pro, Flanigan revealed how alcohol and marijuana use completely derailed his physique in the past.

Only seriously bodybuilding for the last few years, Ross Flanigan has already cemented himself as a competitor to watch. At 32 years of age, there is plenty of upside for Flanigan who is just getting started. With big plans for his future including competing at the Olympia as well as the Arnold Classic, Flanigan is brimming with confidence while remaining humble.

How Alcohol and Marijuana Ruined Prep

Alcohol and marijuana. They can be quite enjoyable when utilize responsibly. But if used in copious amounts or at the wrong time, they can prove to be detrimental. Unfortunately, for Ross Flanigan ahead of the 2022 Indy Pro, it proved to be the latter.

Heading into the 2022 in the pro, Ross Flanagan, consumed vodka and edibles, and not particularly heavy amounts. Yet, despite that factor, prove that both substances affected his preparation for the competition. In a recent YouTube video, Flanagan said as much detailing what occurred ahead of the Indy Pro last year.

“We were ready. I had shredded glutes five weeks out coasting in we didn’t have to manipulate water, didn’t have to do any diuretics,” said Flanigan. “All we were going to do and ironically, we have a video doing this, me and Dom toasting to such a successful pro debut. So, we take a shot of vodka and for some reason, I am inclined to take an edible. And something happens with the combination of alcohol, the edible, my low body fat, dehydration maybe. I lose my f**king mind, I black out.

“I don’t sleep. My cortisol goes crazy, I have this crazy panic attack and I end up gaining 20 pounds overnight of water. I just go from Skeletor face to fat overnight.”


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Flanigan also provided some tips to his followers who plan on competing in the future.

“I have two tips for anyone that is in prep or prepping. Always stay physically active so track your steps. The more you move, the more you’re going to want to keep moving. Body in motion stays in motion. The same thing applies to your mind. Most people sit on the couch and just veg out but me, I’m literally always working, always moving. Preps are super easy and they’re super fulfilling because I get so much done.”

California Pro Win and Future

While alcohol and marijuana may have ruined his prep for the Indy Pro back in 2022, Ross Flanigan turn things around in 2023. His impressive showing at the California State Pro has officially put him on the map. After beating out the likes of Sergio Oliva Jr., Flanigan proved he has the kind of championship mettle that could take him far in professional bodybuilding. With the major victory under his belt, Flanagan is now setting his sites on next year’s Arnold Classic. Hoping to bring an even more improved physique to the 2024 show, it appears that the sky is the limit for Flanigan as he submits himself as a top contender in the men’s open division.

“An Arnold Classic championship would be the top goal. I’m 32, only been bodybuilding seriously for the last 3-4 years and an Arnold Classic title by 35 would be realistic.”

What do you think of Ross Flanigan and his budding potential?

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