Russian Teen Injects Insane Amount Of Synthol In His Arms

Now this semi-viral sensation is absolutely crazy… We are not too sure about this guy’s story or his goals in this Fitness world.  But it’s apparently clear that he injected dangerous amounts of Synthol oil in his arms.

It’s disturbing… Do you agree?




  1. I think the overwhelming consensus is he’s got a mental illness however someone needs to report this to someone I dont know who but we are just sitting here literally watching someone kill themselves or worse yet lose both limbs all the while people are watching this for entertainment. This is a human being that needs help. He is obviously suffers from mild retardation and/or is slow. Not saying that to be funny either this person needs professional help literally before it’s too late. Very very sad. This is a kid making poor adolescent choices on top of being mentally ill. This had nothing to do with fitness or bodybuilding so we should not even approach it from that aspect this is a case of a mentally ill person

  2. Stoo fucking advertising it then! Nobody on Facebook who knows nothing (like this guy) would ever know anything about synthol without stupid pages like this basically promoting the stuff! Its beyond ridiculous. The likes of Rich Piana and bodybuilding forums you see it being discussed, but much less than here and the general consensus is a big fat no no from most. Why keep giving these people attention? The guy looks disabled or something.

  3. How is “this abuse” any different than other abuse generation iron? This asshat wants to look like he has arms …have at it hoss. When his arms need split open and he sends you those pics be sick to your stomach then.

  4. This is disgusting but I don’t understand why they go so overboard with it why don’t they just supplement it a little bit so it’s not so crazy I mean it’s horrible and disgusting to begin with but come on man atleasr ruin your body in even portions

  5. Can you guys stop posting about this this is not even bodybuilding related these are people that have serious psychological issues and want to cheat the system on trying to get real muscle stop posting about them stop giving them attention okay they need medical attention if you want to help these idiots then give them a phone number to some kind of psychiatrist or a doctor to help them we don’t want to see this crap man want to see bodybuilders and stuff that can motivate us not this stuff

  6. That is not muscle, this is not bodybuilding, that kid has issues. He does not need attention on social media he needs a buddy to bring him to the gym, show him what is involved in building muscle the right way and put his energies into that


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