Sadik unloads after falling short at Olympia Classic Physique 2016.

Sadik Hadzovic has always been a name held in high regard in the bodybuilding world. Though he has yet to land an Olympia victory, he has a physique that is top notch and sought after by many other competitors in the industry. He stood tall for years as one of the best Men’s Physique competitors of all time but it wasn’t until he moved up to Classic Physique that many began anticipating the climax of Sadik’s skill. Would 2016 be the year he landed an Olympia title? And not only that, but land the first ever Olympia Classic Physique title? So it was a heavy blow for fans to see that Sadik would once again miss the Olympia title… but land farther down than his previous two years in Men’s Physique. Sadik’s first ever Olympia Classic Physique showing found him only landing 3rd place. Still a victory for sure but not the glorious homecoming we had all hoped for. So what does Sadik have to say in retrospect now that the Olympia is over? We had a chance to catch up with Sadik about his 3rd place victory, his future plans, and the world’s perceived rivalry between himself and Arash Rahbar. Check it out above.

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