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Open weight bodybuilding to some has gone a bit too far. The competition no longer focuses on aesthetics, but instead on muscle. Bodybuilding has always been about packing on size and muscle of course, but during the 90s the trend was taken to a whole different level. The size of the mass monsters today is arguably bordering on the ludicrous.

For all his size and bulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger was still very proportioned when he was ruling the bodybuilding scene. His arms were massive, his chest was huge, his shoulders were broad, yet they all tapered down to a very slim waist, something you’re unlikely to see in modern bodybuilding. Gone are the Schwarzeneggers, the Olivas, and the Zanes of yesteryear. Now it’s all about being the biggest man on stage.


But with the recent announcement of a new division of bodybuilding, Classic Physique, many fans and observers are hoping to see a return to form that will bring back the focus on aesthetic physiques. With the advent of this new category, many are wondering about a few things. What does this mean for the other men’s weight classes? Which bodybuilders will populate the new division? And of the existing competitors who would leap at the chance to compete in the division?

We mentioned it many times – even yesterday with the announcement – but Sadik looks like he was born to be in the Classic Physique division. He would be the breakaway star at a time when the newborn division needs a poster child more than ever. And best of all, he would be more at home in that division… especially after seeing his most recent physique on social media.

But alas, if Sadik Hadzokic’s recent Instagram post is any indication, this won’t be the case. Here’s what Sadik had to say about the new Classic Physique category.

With Sadik recently training with Golden Era legend Frank Zane, as well as gaining a considerable amount of size, many thought that he would decide to cross over to the new Classic Physique division. But it seems like he has other plans. But who knows, it’s only been two days since the announcement. A lot can happen over the next couple of years and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sadik have a change of heart.

What are your thoughts on the new division and do you think Sadik should change categories? Let us know in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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