Samson Dauda Leads Sam Sulek Through Chest Workout & Posing Session

Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek hit a chest workout.
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Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek went through a chest workout focused on tension.

Samson Dauda is one of the top competitors in Men’s Open right now. Aside from his own personal work on stage, Dauda has worked with other up-and-comers. This includes Sam SulekRecently, Sulek shared his plans to compete in Classic Physique and believes he can hit the stage in under two years.

Dauda joined Sulek through a chest workout full of tension. Following the workout, the duo hit a posing session where Dauda shared some of his tips of the trade.

“Squeee the obliques. Remember, every time it pulls you in, you want to counteract that.

We’re trying to do it make it, open it up. See, you’re a lot bigger and when you pull, it takes away from it.”

Before hitting poses, Dauda and Sulek took on an intense chest day.

Samson Dauda Instagram

Samson Dauda & Sam Sulek Chest Workout 

The workout consisted of three exercises where Dauda and Sulek hit four sets each:

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 

The workout began with four sets of incline dumbbell bench presses. The duo began discussing the movement and shared different tips over the course of the workout. Dauda explained how tension is more important than the amount of weight being moved.

“Remember, the body has no idea what the weight you’re lifting is. It only knows the resistance you’re putting through it. When you start focusing on the numbers and the weights you can lift, you focus on trying to move the weight so much but you lose the idea of what you’re actually trying to do.”


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Chest Press Machine

The tension-filled workout continued with four sets on the chest press machine. Sulek discussed how he saves squeezing for the end of the lift and focuses on avoiding injury.

“I like saving the squeezing kind of burning sets towards the end of the lift because I like the fact that I am physically doing as much as possible…I’m kind of staying away from incline barbell now. Machine is good. It’s way better than the Hammer Strength one.”

Chest Fly Machine

The workout concluded with chest flys on the machine. This exercise provides the best contraction possible for muscle building. Sulek is a big fan of cable flys, whether it be standard or down.

“We all have different body types so we just find something that we can contract better and to move our hands into the position of where we are,” Dauda said.

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