Product Review: SBD Deadlift Socks For Protection And Compression

These top of the line deadlift socks will be offer huge benefits with your training and competition.

Product Overview

We all want to be able to attack any lift will full effort without having to hold back. When it comes to a monster lift like the deadlift, all athletes know what is required to get that weight lifted. A beast of a lift, the deadlift tests sheer strength, power, and will and is a staple in the powerlifting world. While it is a great lift to improve all aspects of performance, the downside is that it requires proper form to keep the bar close to you which can cause problems such as cuts and scrapes. SDB deadlift socks have you covered.

With an unforgiving barbell, you need to keep the bar as close to your shins and knees to properly conduct this lift. Often times that results in abrasions that can bleed or just cause for unsanitary conditions. Having protection for your lower leg is a huge plus and finding the right deadlift socks can really provide benefits to protection and sanitation for your workouts. Not to mention, they can offer great compression to add pressure to your legs to increase blood flow and circulation.

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SBD is a great company and a leader in sports and exercise equipment. Working with top coaches, sports medicine experts, and other fitness leaders around the world, they produce top-tier products to enhance all aspects of peoples’ training and competition. As sports begin to evolve, like Strongman and powerlifting, so has SBD’s mission to provide innovative and updated products so all athletes of any level can thrive. Working to stay compliant with all competitive organizations, athletes can be safe in their training and in competition as well.

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SBD Deadlift Socks Highlights

These high quality deadlift socks from SBD are designed to cover your shin to assist with any pulling movement. Designed to cover the shin without turnover, it is manufactured with a tight knit from durable synthetic fiber to offer protection and durability.

Breathable and comfortable, these deadlift socks don’t restrict you from performing, but also provide a great exercise tool to only benefit you. They are compliant with the rules and regulations of USAPL, IPF, and USPA.

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Products Details


Made from durable synthetic fiber, these deadlift socks are manufactured with a tight knit to really have longevity in mind. The durable synthetic fiber really works to protect your shins and minimizes any catching of the bar that may occur as a result of your pulling motion. Going to just under your knee, this material is designed to cover the shin without any turnover.

Comfort & Breathability

These deadlift socks provide for a comfortable fit and breathable construction around the foot to provide excellent ventilation and breathability. This is incredibly important in a deadlift sock in order to protect against odor and any uncomfortable feeling that can hinder a solid performance. Designed to cover the shin without turnover allows for a snug, compressed fit so you aren’t constantly adjusting your sock, which can be a regular annoyance.

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Price & Effectiveness

SBD offers these high quality deadlift socks to provide for added protection and compression in efforts to boost all aspects of training and performance. With sizes ranging from small to double extra-large, these deadlift socks come at a price of $19.50, making them affordable aids for your training.

Pros: High quality and breathable, these deadlift socks provide comfort while also offering great protection. The tight knit adds durability and high quality for these products. They are competition compliant which is a huge plus.

Cons: They are only available on the website directly.

Rob Kearney

Sponsored Athlete

Rob Kearney is a professional strongman who uses SBD products to elevate all aspects of his training and performance as well as his platform to bring SBD products to peoples’ attention in order to enhance their training and performance as well. He has competed at world class events like America’s Strongest Man, World’s Strongest Man, and the Arnold International World Series and currently holds the American log press record. Kearney and SBD work to bring the best possible products to the market so others can see their dreams become reality as well.

Overall Value

SBD Deadlift Socks are one of those exercise aids you need to have in your arsenal. As great tools for protection and compression, you will really elevate all aspects of your performance by keep your shins abrasion free while offering great blood flow and circulation to your lower half. The deadlift can be a beast of a workout, but these will also help with other exercises making these all around very versatile and worth getting. What you are really getting is a great pair of deadlift socks from a reputable company who works with top sports experts at a great price that are perfect for training and competitive use. Try SBD deadlift socks today and see what this product can do for you to elevate your performance.

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