Scarlett Bordeaux Signs with WWE

AAA Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux announced on Twitter this morning she was officially signed to WWE.

Bordeaux debuted at the 2012 CSW Southside Showdown event in Chicago, Illinois. Based off the tone of her Twitter announcement, it seems she’s committed to the villainous persona she’s used in her past with AAA and on the independent circuit. Bordeaux character in the screen is dramatic and superficial — “a super diva,” in her own words.

Her boyfriend, Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross, also took to Twitter to express his excitement at her special announcement:

In 2014, Bordeaux was voted one of the “35 Most Beautiful Women in Wrestling” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She embraces her sexuality and beauty in her act, stage persona, and costuming choices.

“I think, for a while, there was a lot of limits on everything with women…” Bordeaux said to Wrestling Inc. News. “For a while they were pulling back the sexiness and placing a limit on what you could do. They are kinda loosening that and saying it’s okay to have a little bit [of sexiness] which is great.”

Bordeaux also spoke of her desire to reclaim the WWE title Diva, which was retired in favor of Superstar in 2016. Bordeaux explained that her term “Super Diva” reflected her desire to take up the mantle of being a WWE Superstar while still enjoying the sexiness and femininity she associated with the Diva title from the early days of women’s WWE. The competitor of her first match with the WWE has not yet been named.



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