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All in the name of charity.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know about the upcoming, incredibly exciting, and poorly spelled movie: Terminator Genisys. Well the wait is almost over as we come closer into the July release date. And while the fans are getting excited – the person might just be the most excited is Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. In his latest video working with the After School All Stars, a charity that helps kids get the tools they need to succeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to the streets to, well… scare the sh*t out of people. Similar to old school prank shows like Punk’d or Trigger Happy TV – Arnold went around pretending to be a wax figure in a museum – only to start moving and give people near heart attacks. Check it out:

Besides being hilarious, the best part is that the video is promoting the After School All Stars Charity, where you can enter to win the ultimate prize of hanging out with Arnold and attending the Terminator Genisys premiere. So enjoy the video, enter to win, and get ready to see Arnold kick ass in the upcoming Terminator film. Stay pumped!

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