Seated Two-Arm Palms-Up Low-Pulley Wrist Curl (Forearms) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Forearms

Equipment needed: Cable Machine


1. Put a flat bench in front of a low cable pulley machine with a straight bar attachment on it.

2. Place the bench far enough from the low pulley so that when you bring the handle to the top of your thighs tension is created on the cable due to the weight stack being moved up.

3. Hold the attachment with both hands with a supinated (palms facing up), shoulder-width grip.

4. Step back and sit on the bench with your knees and feet placed shoulder-width apart.

5. Lean forward and place your forearms on your thighs with the back of your wrists hanging over the knees.

6. As you breathe out, curl the bar as high as you can while contracting your forearms.

7. Pause and contract your forearms at the top of the movement.

8. Keep your forearms stationary and only your wrists should move.

9. Return to the starting position with a slow and controlled movement while breathing in.

10. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Variations/How To

Palms-Down Wrist Curl

While the palms-up version of the wrist curls works the bottom of your forearms, the palms-down variation works the top.

Alternate Exercises for Seated Two-Arm Palms-Up Low-Pulley Wrist Curl

Wrist Curl Over Bench

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