Forget the gurus. Here’s tips from a jacked all American war vet.

Weight loss can be a tricky thing to manage. For bodybuilders who are more concerned with building muscle than anything else, fat loss is a bit less of an issue. But nevertheless, if you want to show off all you muscle and hard work then eventually you’ll have to drop your body fat percentage a bit. When it comes to losing fat, most people scour the internet looking for experts and gurus that can help in their mission to rid themselves of their pesky love handles.

Truth be told, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the hassle of reading a 20 page breakdown about what you should or should not eat, how you should be hitting the weights, what percentages of carbs, fats, and proteins your should consume. Sometimes you need a straight forward approach that will get you the info you seek ASAP.

Well, it seems like Derek Weida has the same idea about reaching your weight loss goals. Weida, a veteran of the United States Army, was wounded during service and lost his leg as a result of his injuries. Despite all that, the man is still a total bad ass that’s taken his loss and used it to fuel his motivation to become the best version of himself he could possibly be. Derek doesn’t have any use for excuses and neither should you. He’s an American hero and is proud to flaunt that fact, and why the hell not? The man is an inspiration and he’s looking to be the same for others looking to improve themselves.

Sometimes some good old bro-science can be the key to all your weight loss troubles. The best part? He hasn’t lost any of his sense of humor either. Sometimes bodybuilding can get so serious – but take a listen to Mr. Weida’s over-the-top red, white, and blue advice to reap the benefits of some straight forward knowledge.

All joking aside – those last moments of the video show Derek’s true colors. It’s all about finding ways to stay consistent and better yourself. It’s not about today – it’s about the tomorrow you want. Derek might crack jokes and be blunt – but maybe taking the seriousness out of dieting and lifting can help other people get more comfortable and confident about leading a fitter lifestyle.

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