Powerlifter Sen Yang Sets New Equipped World Record In 120kg Division With 971.1-Pound Lift

Sen Yang continues to impress with his feats of strength and is closer to the ultimate goal.

Sen Yang has had the goal of 1,000 pounds in his mind for quite some time now. During the 2022 IPF World Equipped Open Powerlifting Championships, he took the next steps toward achieving that goal.

The competition took place from Nov. 14-20 in Viborg, Denmark. During the show, there were chances to break records and Yang was one of the headliners. He competed in the 120kg division and competed a 440.5kg (971.1lb) squat, which was a new IPF Equipped Squat World Record.

Yang was able to beat his own previous record by just half a kilogram. During the 2022 IPF World Games, Yang competed a 440kg (970lb) lift to set the old mark.

Sen Yang’s Record-Setting Lift

The lift was captured and shared on the official IPF Powerlifting Instagram page.

“World Record Equipped Squat with 440.5 kg by Sen Yang TPE in 120 kg class”


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The full results from the show have not been finalized but it is clear that Sen Yang put together an elite performance. It is unclear to this moment if Yang secured his ninth victory of his career. He has competed 21 times over the course of his career. Yang has achieved great things, concluding victories and making the podium many times.

Sen Yang has set his sights on becoming the first competitor in the 120kg division to squat 1,000 pounds. After this performance, he is one step closer to this goal and it could be on the horizon. If Yang continues at this pace, we might see the 1,000-pound attempt come some time in 2023.

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