Dexter Jackson does crazy leg press!

Pushing the body to the limit is absolutely necessary in order to rich new heights of muscle growth when bodybuilding. If you simply focus on doing the bare minimum you’ll never feel entirely fulfilled. Some time pushing your limits, having a bit of ego in your lifting, can make you feel a sense of true achievement. For former Olympia champion Dexter Jackson, pushing the limits of what’s possible is just another day in the office.

Still competing with some of the best of the best in bodybuilding at 48 years of age, Dexter Jackson doesn’t appear to be slowing down in his pursuit of greatness. With the 2018 Olympia around the corner and obviously in the twilight of his career, Dexter Jackson is still finding ways to not only prove something to himself, but to the young guns in the game who think they’ll simply overshadow him because of his advanced age.

If you ever doubted Dexter Jackson’s resolved or his hardcore bodybuilding sensibility, then this recent training video may be an eye opening experience for you. Watch as the 48 year old bodybuilder once again defies expectations and pushes over 1000 pounds on the leg press, just for the heck of it.

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