Conditioning in bodybuilding can be a tricky balancing act.

Bodybuilding is kind of like a science experiment. Well, it is a science experiment, one utilizing the human body as a subject. It requires so many different and intricate processes to ensure that a high level bodybuilder peaks at the proper time.

Many fans and experts at the Chicago Pro thought that Sergio Oliva Jr. would be a shoe-in for victory. After his impressive performance at the 2017 New York Pro, Sergio Oliva Jr. has shown a great deal of promise, many believing he could be the future at Open Weight. However, Oliva Jr.’s conditioning wasn’t the absolute best at the show forcing him to take second place to Michael Lockett.

Since the show, Sergio Oliva Jr. has taken to Instagram to clear up the reasoning for his performance at the Chicago Pro, specifically touching on the intricacies involved in conditioning.

I like this post a lot! @sergioolivajr is taking the role of educator here. Fans need education on what goes into everything we see. I included myself in that “we”, by the way. Let’s actively seek knowledge, and more Pros should take on the role of educators. Eliminate ignorance. Thanks, Sergio. #Repost @sergioolivajr ・・・ I think some people don’t understand the difference between “Not being conditioned” and “Nailing your condition” timing. In most pros shows you get judged twice. Once in the morning and once at night. Unfortunately I’m always my best later in the day (night). Since no one cared or followed me before NY they don’t know I was actually losing prejudging in New York just like Chicago but because I was able to come back HOURS later at night I tightened up and pulled that Win out. But this was a different show. Prejudging was so fast and I didn’t get worked over and over like I did before which I need as anyone will tell you I get better the longer I’m out there and on top of it then the night show started 2 hours later at 4pm. So unfortunately the show was decided in the morning. And anyone who follows me knows I’m up till 3-4 am so that early prejudging my body just wont ever peak. I don’t care about any haters that finally have something to say about me. (In fact I’m glad y’all are back because I need you guys lol). But because I was holding water and didn’t fill out now all of a sudden I’m not a good bodybuilder and wasn’t in shape? 🤔Def not the case. It wasn’t lack of hard work or anything like that either. Just the last day timing of food and water. But I do want my followers to understand the differences and learn this sport cause I feel that’s the biggest problem is the ignorance of what’s good or bad. So this is my back literally 3 min before I went down for the night show cause @therealtechnician wanted a quick pic to see how we were filling out. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. So I don’t like that I never got to stand alone with Mike at night and battle it out like I did with Jon in NY and the fans def deserved it. But thats bodybuilding. You can’t always control everything. You can only…(see his post for the rest) #thisisbodybuilding

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