There are dire consequences to using steroids.

Steroids. It’s become synonymous with bodybuilding, yet so many athletes refuse to talk about the anabolic substance for one reason or another. There are so many individuals that believe taking steroids will take their game and physique to the next level and for the most part they’re correct.

Steroids can take your performance to the next level, that’s true, but not without a cost. So many people are focused on the positive effects of steroids that they never take a moment to sit back and consider what they’re doing to their body. Rather than making an informed decision, they look for the dosage amounts and get right to taking the substance without truly knowing what they’re doing to their bodies. It’s a sad fact, one that doles out a hefty price.

Enter Seth Feroce.

An IFBB Pro and former 212 competitor, Seth Feroce has gained notoriety lately as being an individual unafraid to tell the cold hard truth when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness. Rather than just focus on training programs and nutrition, Seth Feroce wants to inform the masses on what it’s truly like to be a bodybuilder at both the lowest and highest levels.

While individuals simply believe that all there is to bodybuilding is lifting things up and putting them down, the endeavor is far more nuanced than that, especially when you consider steroid use. Seth Feroce is pulling no punches in his latest video detailing the serious consequences of using steroids and what an individual can expect after they’ve used the substance for an long period of time. Take a listen to his advice as Seth Feroce gets brutally honest about steroids.

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