These Hand Placement Changes Will Revolutionize Your Chest Training

Pro tips.

When it comes to sculpting the supreme physique the process is fairly simply. Eat right and exercise, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that being honest. As a bodybuilder, manipulating your muscles is absolutely paramount to making quality gains. You can’t simply focus on lifting the weight. If the muscles aren’t being thrashed then it makes no difference. Your goal as a bodybuilder is to reach hypertrophy and grow your muscle to new heights.

One of the muscle groups that give men the most problems is certainly the chest. Having a powerful and chiseled chest is the symbol of masculinity. The pecs being big and strong can bring together your physique like no other. As far as training goes, many will focus on the classic dumbbell press or chest flyes. Both are staples of chest exercises, but if you don’t know exactly how to utilize each movement to target specific portions of your muscles then you’re just wasting your time.

Bodybuilder standout Seth Feroce is an outspoken athlete who hopes to give fans the truth about high level bodybuilding. While many other YouTube channels may offer individuals exercises to perform in order to improve their physiques. The thing is they may not break it down in as much detail as Seth Feroce. The IFBB pro knows a thing or ten about building quality muscle and wants to impart that knowledge to the masses. In the video below Seth Feroce breaks down how hand placement can be the difference in building an all around impressive chest or simply spinning your wheels.

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