Seth Feroce’s Chest Day Is Pure Insanity

Can you handle it?

We all have a particular training split we like to employ in order to grow some quality muscle. You can’t expect to have the ultimate body by just simply training the same body part over and over. You have to give each muscle group it’s own attention and really work it if you want it to grow. For many men there’s no doubt that the chest is a muscle group that’s given quite a bit of attention and with good reason. The chest is one of the more attention grabbing features of a man’s physique so it only makes sense that building it up would be a priority for many.

If you’re looking to build up you chest with some hard training that’s sure to boost the pectoral area, then you’re going to want to look at Seth Feroce’s training method. Feroce takes his training very seriously and his workout plan is certainly proof of that. If you haven’t done chest this week or if you’re looking something new and challenging to try, then take a look at Seth Feroce’s training regimen and maybe you can get bigger, fuller pecs in no time.

Let International Chest Day Commence!! Thick, Full and Round is my Objective on Chest day! Again Talking all about blood flow. However, you can force blood with heavy weight. Just have to change up Rest Periods and style. The Following is the Chest Workout “Planned” for this week. Warm up- Should be Pumped and sweating. 1. Incline BB Presses FST-7 : 7 sets with 275-315 with rep range roughly 7-10. 45-60 second rest periods between each set. You will be fuckin movin’! So turn the music up and get to work! 2. Flat DB Flyes – 3 sets X 8-10 Straight sets , elbows bent like your hugging a tree. Deep stretch , stay in control of the weight. Think thick chest swoop in your side chest shots! 3. DB Pullovers 3 X Failure . I will use this exercise to stretch the rib cage and get good stretch and contraction of the muscles. Remember to drop your hips when you extend your arms to get a deeper stretch. 4. Incline Machine Presses – 3 X 8/16 (Seth Sets- I don’t have a better name and have been calling them that in my notebooks for years so that’s what they are?) pick a weight , heavier, and get as many as you can, shooting for 8, it’s ok if you get more, then wait 10 seconds for the blood to flow and then cut the weight in half and get twice the reps. Don’t care if you have to take breaks but get twice the reps of the first half of the set! MORE BLOOD Please!! 5. Cable Crossovers – 3 X 12 Good Stretch and good squeeze. And I like to finish that with a healthy amount of Carbohydrates and Aminos! My choice is @primenutra #IntraMD – 3 scoops = 90gs 30-45 mins later I will eat my meal – 35-40g protein and 75-100 carbs , minimal fat. Spread the Info and give it a shot!! #AAr #AllAmericanRoughneck #TheBestOrNothing #FST7 #Chest #Flex #ChestDay #BeardGains

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