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This man is an explosive beast.

Bodybuilders are beasts. There’s really no way around it. In order to look like a Phil Heath or Kai Greene takes not only great genetic potential, but some iron will and some great athletic prowess as well. Bodybuilding is an endeavor that requires a single-minded dedication, one that means going through arduous training, regimens that push your body to the limit. But bodybuilding isn’t the only sport that requires such dedication to become successful.

Football is a pretty gladiatorial kind of sport. Outside of boxing or mixed martial arts, football is pretty damn spartan in it’s approach. Not only does the actual game require a tremendous amount of skill, will, and effort, but the training is equally as demanding. No one could set foot on the gridiron without paying their dues in the training the room.

Just like bodybuilders, football players hit the bench, perform deadlifts, and squat like monsters. It’s a sport that relies on explosive movements, functional strength and agility. The potential results of that hard work in the gym could mean transforming an average football player into a shredded and massive athlete with the ability to be light on their feet.

Shawn Oakman is a college football standout whose physical talents have seen him become a star before even reaching the NFL. The young man will be returning for his senior year at Baylor where he hopes to turn some heads on the football field and create some added buzz as a potential candidate for the 2016 NFL draft. What makes Oakman such a hot commodity? His feats of athletic prowess, that’s what. Oh, and the fact that he’s a gigantic monster. The internet has already responded with a mass amount of memes that point out just how intimidating this guy is on the field.

Generation Iron Sean Oakman Football

Based off what he can do in the gym, there’s no surprise that defensive end’s star is rising. Just check out this insane 40 inch box jump he’s able to pull with 70 pound weights in each hand.

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